Our Practice Areas

We know that technology is constantly changing the lives of our clients and their ways of doing business. In order to solve the legal problems arising from these changes, we provide legal services on the following issues:
- Electronic Commerce
- Protection of Personal Data
- Digitalization
- Copyrights, Trademark and Patent Rights
- Social Media
- Digital Advertising
- Telecommunications
- Consumer Protection
- Cloud Computing
Legal services we provide in the field of finance covers compliance with the legislation for financial institutions; and the representation and negotiation for companies that will use credits. We also offer legal services on next-generation technologies such as cryptocurrencies, electronic money and payment services:
- Electronic Money and Payment Services
- Cryptocurrencies
- Financial Technologies
- Banking Law
- Corporate Loans
- Islamic Finance
For entrepreneurs who aim to bring innovative business ideas to life in a scalable way, we offer legal services in the following subjects:
- Ensuring Legal Compliance of Initiative Ideas
- Company Establishment and Modeling of Partnership Relations
- Investment Processes
International Trade
Within the requirements of international trade relations, we provide legal services on the following issues to resolve the legal problems that our clients may encounter during their dealings with the actors they trade with, and the customs authorities regulate them:
- Agreements regarding International Trade
- Dispute Resolution regarding International Trade
- Customs Operations
Companies and shareholders have various types of legal needs. To meet these needs, we provide legal services on the following issues:
- Share Transfers (Merger, Takeover, Inheritance)
- Asset and Wealth Management
- Corporate Governance
- Company Secretariat
- Labor Law
- Public Procurement
- White Collar Crimes
- Concordatum and Bankruptcy
Corporate Criminal Law
Acts that can constitute crimes can be anything because of complex and comprehensive laws that companies must comply. Further, companies may be held responsible from employees’ actions. Therefore, criminal law poses critical importance for companies. Within this scope, we provide the following services to support our clients:
• Ensuring compliance of company activities with criminal law
• Conducting internal investigations
• Representation of companies before courts
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