Corporate Social Responsibility

One of our most important priorities is giving back to the community we are in. Therefore, we embraced certain approaches about protection of environment, ensuring equality among the people and helping those who need our help.

Policy on Combating Climate Change and Protecting the Environment

Combatting climate change and protecting the environment is an extremely important issue for us. We principle to act environmentally and human-oriented in all our activities and business processes. While providing our services, we commit to take the following actions regarding combating climate change and protecting the environment:

  • Protecting natural resources and using these resources in the most efficient way.
  • Complying with the requirements of all local and global regulations related to the environment.
  • Minimizing the use of water and energy.
  • Closely monitoring all technological developments and minimizing the use of paper by becoming a digital law firm.
  • Prioritizing products and services that does not harm the environment during purchasing processes.
  • Maximum use of recycling mechanisms.
  • Encouraging our employees to work online and use public transport and bicycles.
  • Evaluation of environmental impacts in all business processes and minimizing the negative effects of these business processes.
  • To carry out awareness studies on the negative effects of climate change and to contribute to the studies carried out in this field.

Policy on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We embrace differences in matters like language, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, disability, gender, personal and professional success, and adapt equality principle. As part of our work culture, we value the differences between individuals and encourage them to have equal opportunities to realize themselves. Our work in these subjects are as follows:

  • We embrace differences in our recruitment processes regarding language, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, disability, gender, and we do not consider them among the recruitment criteria.
  • We pay attention to ensuring the balance from the gender perspective among our employees. We make sure that the individuals that do the same jobs work under same condition regardless of their characteristics
  • We do not tolerate discrimination in our work environment.
  • We expect our partners to be sensitive about diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • We ensure that every individual in our work environment is not deprived of the necessary tools, and resources to realize herself.
  • We create a working environment respects work and life balance.

Our Pro Bono Works

To use our legal competencies for the greater good, our team members (on voluntary basis) carry out pro bono works to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. We pay our loyalty to the community that raised us by carrying out trainings to raise awareness, support activities for non-governmental organizations and social aids.
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